Friday February 19, 2021, Me Rockefeller Vincent, the Minister of Justice and Public Security underlines in a note to the attention of the Haitian population that “the 3 judges regularly appointed to the Court of Cassation [Me Octélus Dorvilien, Me Louiselmé Joseph and Me Pierre Harry Alexis] by Presidential Decree dated February 11, 2021 are all three, taken from a list submitted by the Senate on August 30, 2017 bearing the respective signatures of the former President of the Justice and Security Commission, Jean Renel Sénatus and the then President, Youri Latortue.

This procedure is clearly defined in article 175 of the Constitution which affirms unequivocally that : “The Judges of the Court of Cassation are appointed by the President of the Republic from a list of three (3) people per seat submitted by the Senate.”

In order to restore the truth in this case, the President of the Republic who, according to article 2 of the decree of August 22, 1995 on the judicial organization is the guarantor of the independence of justice, acted, within the framework of these appointments, in strict compliance with the procedures defined and drawn up by the Constitution of the Republic, and this, with the full and complete participation of the Senate under the leadership of the former Senator Latortue

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